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  • Retrofit any of your cars and simplify the access
  • Automate your processes with our API & SDK
  • Centralise the management and authorisation of access

Meet flinkeyApp, Box & More

flinkey is a plug-and-play solution for distributed, keyless car-access. It helps to automate and decouple value and process chains and this way saves costs and provides a foundation for new business models.


App & Portal

With flinkey you can easily share your car within a team. No matter the size of your fleet. Our out-of-the-box solution enables you to centrally manage the access to your cars, while your team use their smartphone to open and close a car. With just a few clicks you are set to go.


If you have already a fleet management solution in place or want your customers to use a dedicated app, then this is what you need. With our API and SDK you can customise flinkey to fit your needs and enhance your offer with a digital car access solution.


If you want to get more details on your fleet, you can collect telematics data right from your flinkey setup with our optional dongle. Automatically track and evaluate car specific data as part of your asset management or for different analysis purposes. Reliable and in real-time.


Super Efficient Ramp-Up

Completely non-invasive with all vehicles available even during installation.

flinkey is the only digital key management system for cars that does not require any setup in terms of CAN integration or disassembly of car keys.
Therefore, cars can be enabled for flinkey by any person within a few minutes. This saves costs both, during ramp-up as well as when a car leaves the fleet again.

Flinkey works offline

No more worries about connectivity or lost signals in the field.

Other than many other solutions that require the car to be online during the unlock event to validate keys, flinkey operates in any location, be it online or offline. This comes with a high degree of flexibility and helps maintain workflows and processes independently of connectivity, be it the countryside or a parking garage.

Automate workflows with our API & SDK

Easy integration into all business systems and processes.

flinkey is integrative by design. This means that from the very beginning, our focus was on creating a powerful API and a SDK to facilitate the use of our service for a large variety of use cases in different contexts. The purpose of flinkey is to bring flexibility and loose coupling of workflows and thus enable a high level of automation.

Use Cases


With flinkey you get rid of the physical key and assign digital keys instead. You keep full control of your fleet, maximise on its capacity utilisation, and save time on a seamless access management. Your team and environment will appreciate it.


With our API and SDK you can integrate flinkey into your process, i.e. to enable suppliers stock their service fleets overnight without the exchange of a key. You will save time and costs while creating a more efficient supply chain that has high resilience against delays or roadblocks.

PricingIndividually competitive

Every customer and every use case requires a different set-up. In order to find the best match for you, please contact our team for an individual offer.

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flinkey is the simplest solution to equip your mixed fleet with a digital, non-invasive solution for car access management.

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