Digital Key Management

Fleet management easier than ever before.

Open and close all your vehicles using the the flinkey app.
Put the flinkey box in the vehicle and start right away.
Management of all vehicles and drivers with the flinkey portal.
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Your car keys go digital!
With flinkey it becomes possible

The physical handover of keys proves to be a real challenge and costs a lot of organisational effort?

Having keys, vehicles and team members in one place is often almost impossible?


Flinkey has the solution:

with our system, your vehicle keys become digital – all vehicles in your fleet can be conveniently opened and locked with a smartphone app. This way you can easily keep an eye on the entire fleet and concentrate completely on your core business!

the flinkey box


Immediately ready for use with the flinkey box

The flinkey box acts as a key box in the vehicle. As soon as the car key has been inserted into the flinkey box, you can open and close the vehicle with the associated flinkey app. The car key can be removed from the box at any time.


flinkey app


The flinkey app – the digital vehicle key

The flinkey app on your smartphone serves as a digital keychain for all your vehicles. Any number of vehicles can be operated with the flinkey app, regardless of the manufacturer.


flinkey portal


Easy administration with the flinkey portal 

With the flinkey portal you have your entire fleet in view. Authorisations can be assigned with just one click. Thanks to a clear listing of all vehicles and user profiles, digital vehicle management has never been easier.


All advantages at a glance

  • immediately ready for use – fast and uncomplicated without conversion

  • Manufacturer-independent – Supports all vehicles from 2003 onwards

  • Efficiency increase – no more time-consuming key handovers

  • Without any workshop – No intervention on vehicle or key necessary

  • Intuitive application – No training required for teams

  • Full confidence – flinkey is a brand of WITTE Automotive

This is how
the flinkey box works

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