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Megatrend Mixed Mobility

Our lives are becoming fast-paced – this is also reflected in mobility, among other things. The aim is to cover large distances as quickly as possible and thus to cope with urbanization.

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Mobile Care Services

Employees of nursing services are constrained by organizational tasks that could actually be avoided – this already starts with vehicle management.

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Grouping via the API

We are constantly working on making the handling of flinkey as easy and efficient as possible for our integration partners. In doing so, we find improvements for our system together.

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Partnership with TOKAI RIKA

As of 2021, the automotive supplier TOKAI RIKA from Japan is a valuable member of our network. The company developed – based on flinkey technology – an app for keyless car access.

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In-Car Delivery

Delivering goods directly to a parked vehicle? This vision has long since become reality. Deliveries of materials and tools to service vehicles make everyday work easier.

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Digital Car Keys

Opening your own car without a key and even starting it without contact is already possible with a chip, app or smartphone – this has advantages, especially in fleet management.

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Easily Connect Systems

Retrofitting requires little effort thanks to the digital interfaces of many systems and quickly enables keyless access to your vehicle. Various systems allow you to open the vehicle with your smartphone, for example.

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Digital Key Security

For many drivers, a car key means security – but it is the mechanical key that carries the risk of theft. If you open your car without a key, several technologies with a high level of security are available for this purpose.

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Sustainable Mobility

The car as a status symbol is undergoing a transformation. The focus of company cars and fleets is on aspects such as environmental friendliness and efficiency. In these times, companies should go with the trend.

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