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Effective Fleet Utilization

Many companies can only offer their services on schedule if they effectively utilize their vehicle fleet. This means that not only can as many employees as possible be provided with vehicles, but unnecessary costs can also be saved.

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Downsizing the Fleet

Every day, fleet managers are once again faced with the challenge of allocating vehicles to their employees as efficiently as possible. The larger the fleet, the less overview there is and the more frequently there are errors in planning.

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Easy Fleet Retrofit

Traditional fleet management may be associated with unnecessary complications and therefore loss of time. But what are the ways to digitize fleet management in the company? Find out here how a changeover is possible.

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Digital Fleet Management

For many companies, efficient fleet management is the basis to offer services according to plan. Start digitizing with us and benefit from the advantages of our flinkey box, the flinkey app and the flinkey portal.

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