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Our cooperation with ennoo Dienste GmbH

As a participant in the sharing economy, the mobile service provider ennoo Dienste GmbH wants to play a significant role in shaping the transport of the future. Every day, the company faces the challenge of distributing its 80 emergency vehicles to around 250 employees.

In our case study about the cooperation with ennoo, you will learn how our flinkey system makes the fleet management of the mobile service provider more efficient.


Get answers to the following questions in this case study:
  1. What challenges does ennoo face as an established mobile service provider with more than five million passengers per year?
  2. How can fleet management be organised smoothly for around 250 ennoo employees?
  3. What is the flinkey system and how can it be used?
  4. How can the flinkey system be integrated into existing fleets?

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