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Our cooperation with S-Tec GmbH

As an IT service provider, the company S-TEC convinces with its expertise in IT support, software development and sales – and that with experience values from over 28 years! GPS-CarControl is a specially developed fleet management system from S-Tec. This is where the cooperation with flinkey comes into play.

Find out more about digital key management in our case study. Read here why S-TEC is a satisfied partner of flinkey and how the key management could be sustainably optimised through the cooperation.


Get answers on the following questions in this case study:
  1. What challenges are being overcome together with S-TEC?
  2. How does S-TEC, in cooperation with flinkey, manage around 20,000 vehicles?
  3. What service can flinkey offer S-TEC and how is it accepted?
  4. How can the IT service provider S-TEC save time and costs with flinkey?
  5. How is the changeover to the flinkey system carried out?

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