How to get started

In 3 steps to partnership
Overview of the procedure



Getting to know each other

You send us a partnership request – we organise getting to know you. In a first exchange we talk about our ideas and options for an optimal partnership.


Technichal implementation and support

We’ve hit it off and want to work together – now it’s time to get down to business! We provide our hardware for integration into your environment. With the help of our free integration support, the desired components of the flinkey system can be easily integrated into your existing system. In parallel, we clarify all commercial aspects at our partner conditions.


Take off

As soon as the integration was successful, we start together as partners! We support you in lead acquisition and are available with our expert knowledge and experience in the field of sharing. Furthermore, we provide media materials for the optimal promotion and description of the product and are open for joint (marketing) activities. In addition, we also offer whitelabel and logistic opportunities. We got you covered!

Arrange a meeting now!
We are looking forward to a new partnership!