Easy Delivery Directly to the Vehicle

In-Car Delivery


Delivering goods directly to a vehicle? This vision has long been a reality. Deliveries to the trunk of a car can not only relieve the burden on parcel delivery companies, but also significantly optimize the business of service providers, logistics companies and online store operators.

For companies, the new technology holds exciting possibilities: Company cars and service vehicles can be equipped directly for the next assignment – without detours to the warehouse and directly from the delivery service.

Where digital vehicle opening systems already enable parcel delivery, options for in-car delivery to service vehicles are also becoming tangible.

1. The Most Important Facts in Brief

  • Thanks to in-car delivery, vehicles can be supplied directly – without the need for a driver to be on site.
  • This type of delivery can be particularly advantageous for service vehicles and save time.
  • In-car delivery can become a unique selling point for companies.

2. How In-Car Delivery Works

According to the original concept of in-car delivery, the vehicle acts as a kind of parcel station. This must be equipped with digital door-opening technology and can now be opened securely and easily without a physical key.

The respective deliverers locate the car via GPS and receive a digital car key, which they use to gain one-time access to the vehicle via a smartphone app. The owner receives a notification of the successful delivery or service on the vehicle.

3. The Advantages of In-Car Delivery for Service Providers

In-car delivery opens up numerous new opportunities for service providers and suppliers. They gain access to the car through the digital car key and can now store any type of delivery in a vehicle.

These can be ordered materials or tools for a craftsman’s van, for example. This can be equipped for the next job between individual work assignments or by overnight delivery. Delivery services benefit from stress-free work and enormous time savings. Goods and materials no longer have to be handed over personally. Delivery drivers, who often drive from location to location fully loaded, are greatly relieved by the flexibility of in-car delivery.

In addition to any kind of delivery, it is of course also conceivable that vehicle cleaning or repairs to company cars are carried out via in-car delivery. Here, too, the advantages for the respective service provider are obvious: The work can be carried out without time pressure and independently of the driver. This independence makes it easier to carry out individual jobs, while digital job acceptance and planning also makes workflows more efficient.

The advantages of in-car delivery for suppliers and service providers at a glance:

  • Flexibility
  • Time saving
  • Digital plannability

Good to know!

Offering in-car delivery can also become a unique selling point. So far, not many companies offer this efficient and convenient service.

4. The Pioneers of In-Car Delivery

Of course, some major players are already driving into the digital future and have long been using in-car delivery. In conjunction with a key app, packages can end up in the trunk instead of piling up in the post office. The service is also growing in popularity in Germany and some exciting pilot projects have been launched.

Risks such as untraceable cars, technical defects or hacker attacks are slowed down by encrypting the data transmission of the respective technologies multiple times. Similarly, access rights to the vehicle expire within a predefined period of time.

5. Conclusion: What are the Benefits of Delivery Directly to the Vehicle?

In-car delivery can offer companies high added value in the future. In this way, suppliers and service providers will become part of the digital world – without having to bring along highly technical know-how. 

The flinkey Box already quickly and easily creates all the prerequisites for in-car delivery and works entirely without any modifications to the vehicle. Access rights can be easily assigned and revoked via the flinkey portal – authorized persons only need the free flinkey app to access the vehicle.

Learn more about the flinkey system here.

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