Successful Start for flinkey in Japan

Partnership with TOKAI RIKA

Partnerships are an essential part of flinkey’s developments and innovations. Several exciting projects have already been realized through cooperation with our partners. Since 2021, the automotive supplier TOKAI RIKA from Japan is a valuable member of our network. The company developed – based on flinkey technology – an app for keyless car access. This system, called TOKAI RIKA Digitalkey, is already in use by a provider in the private car-sharing sector.

1. The Most Important Facts in Brief:

  • Partnership with TOKAI RIKA successfully brings flinkey to Japan.
  • The Japanese car-sharing provider Anyca is already benefiting from the advantages of keyless car access with TOKAI RIKA Digitalkey.
  • Positive points include the non-invasive installation method and ease of use for
  • flinkey partnerships always bring success and development opportunities.

2. TOKAI RIKA Complements flunkey’s Partner Network as of 2021

TOKAI RIKA has been a partner of flinkey since 2021. The company from Japan manufactures various elements for car manufacturers – for example, locks and keys, gearshift levers or seat belts are part of the portfolio. In times of digitalization, it is not surprising that technical innovations also shape the company’s everyday life.

Therefore, TOKAI RIKA decided to develop a keyless car access. This project, from which car sharing providers in particular can benefit, was developed and realized with the help of the flinkey technology.

3. App by TOKAI RIKA: Digitalkey

TOKAI RIKA created the app called Digitalkey. As with flinkey, a simple key box forms the basis for use. The box can easily be placed in the car. Via the app, it is opened in a few seconds – without the need for a physical key. The driver is authorized conveniently via smartphone. The key located in the box is operated by a mechanism inside the box and thus opens the vehicle.

4. TOKAI RIKA Digitalkey in Use at Anyca

A first provider can already benefit from the partnership in Japan. TOKAI RIKA Digitalkey is used by the company Anyca, which was able to report early successes through the use of the new system. 

Consumers welcome the elimination of personal vehicle handover, while Anyca’s employees themselves benefit above all from the ease with which vehicles can be retrofitted. As with flinkey, the respective box with the car key can be positioned in the trunk or under the passenger seat, for example. Only the app is required for access – no complex retrofitting of the vehicles is necessary. Thanks to the API & SDK supplied, TOKAI RIKA Digitalkey can also be integrated into existing software solutions for fleet management without any problems.

5. Security Factor for TOKAI RIKA Digitalkey is Very High

Like the underlying flinkey system, TOKAI RIKA Digitalkey places a special emphasis on security. Access to a car is only granted for a certain period of time via the app. These rights can be easily revoked at any time. For this, Anyca employees do not have to be on site themselves, but manage the vehicle transfer conveniently from a distance.

6. flinkey Strengthens its Network: Benefits on Both Sides

TOKAI RIKA and flinkey gain many advantages from the partnership. TOKAI RIKA was able to offer its own app for keyless car access through the cooperation with flinkey. flinkey, on the other hand, benefits from the exchange of experience with the Japanese company – in the best case scenario, new markets and business areas can be opened up in this way, as well as paving the way for additional customers and target groups. Both companies have been in regular contact since the initial cooperation to ensure the joint further development of the project. 

The connection between flinkey and TOKAI RIKA is just one example of successful partnerships. On our partner page, you can find out about other successful cooperations of flinkey. We are also constantly on the lookout for companies that inspire us – and conversely can benefit from our solutions themselves. Our goal is always the greatest added value for our users and the creation of a future-oriented service.

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