Installation & Basics

How is the flinkey Box installed?

The installation is very easy and takes less than five minutes (we have tested it).

Quick Start:
  1. Open the portal via the link we sent you (mail folder, check spam if necessary) and log in with the data of the mail.
  2. Create a car and assign it to a user (if you want to use the car yourself, create yourself as a user).
  3. Now assign the box to your car (this is also already in your client in the portal).
  4. Download the flinkey app from the store and log in with the same access data as in the portal.
  5. Turn the box on (Turn On), put it in your car (the battery lasts 21 days when fully charged) and connect it to the 12V connector if necessary (cable included in the package)
  6. Your car now appears in the app, as well as an open or close icon. Click on the desired symbol.
  7. Done. From now on your vehicle is in the digital age – with flinkey


Your flinkey box is already in your client of the flinkey Portal.


First you log in to the portal with your personal access data (If you are the contract owner/buyer, you have received access data from us under the same e-mail address). Simply create your car by switching to the tab “Cars” and create your car via “Add”. There you can upload a picture and enter vehicle data.


After saving, click on the three gray shaded points above, select “Manage Products” and then assign your box in the installation menu by clicking on “Assign” (assigned products appear below under “Assignments”).


Only the assignment of users is missing to be ready to start. As a buyer you are usually already created as a user, so go to the auto menu immediately. There you will see a green dot next to the flinkey box or dongle (your product has been successfully assigned). Click on the three action points to the left of the car picture and select the “Details” of the opened window. Use the invite button to invite other people to get access to the selected car. The role assignment is done at the bottom of the page. Note: If you would like to additionally invite people via the app, check the box at the bottom left of the assignment and click “Enable/disable owner role” (a green dot appears at the bottom right of the assignment for “Is owner”).


The installation is done!


Now switch the box on (Turn On) using the slider. Then place the box with the car key in it at any place in your car. For example in the trunk or footwell of the passenger. It is best to choose a place within reach of a 12 volt power supply. Otherwise each box contains a built-in battery that allows you to use flinkey for 21 days on a full charge without any problems. The included velcro tape can be stuck to the bottom of the box to hook the box even more securely to the carpet. Make sure that the drawer of the box is easy to reach. Otherwise no assembly is necessary.


Now start the flinkey app and log in with your portal access data. The car appears, as well as an open and a close symbol. Click on them to lock or unlock the car digitally.


If you have any questions, please have a look at our small-step user manual or let our support team help you.



Can the flinkey app be used with any smartphone?
The app is available for iOS and Android, so it is actually for all cell phones.
Does my vehicle have to meet special requirements for flinkey ?

No, flinkey actually works with all car models – as long as they can be opened with a radio key. In order to carry out a test in your specific case, it is best to contact us directly.

What does flinkey cost?

The pricing for flinkey depends heavily on your use case. Depending on the number of fleet sizes and whether you need a box and portal or whether you need our SDK including API, we will work with you to create a quote that fits your business needs.

How does the keyless opening and closing of a car with flinkey work ?

flinkey combines digital and traditional locking technology. The physical car key is safely stored in the flinkey box in the vehicle. The box itself is locked as soon as the car is locked. Once the car is open, you can also open the box if you still need a key to start the engine. If not, the key always remains safely in the flinkey box. All people who have an access authorization from the owner will see the car in their flinkey app. If you want to use it, you give the box a digital command to operate the key via an encrypted Bluetooth connection : If the car is locked, it then opens. If it is open, it is locked.

How safe is flinkey?

Very secure. flinkey meets highest standards in data security and encryption technology. Opening and closing a car via smartphone is done offline and via an encrypted Bluetooth connection. Our tested procedure ensures a reliable authentication at the box or car. Every single flinkey box is secured with its own cryptographic key.

What about my car insurance when I use flinkey?

In principle, everything remains exactly as you know it. The vehicle owner himself takes care of all insurance for his vehicles and all drivers. If necessary, you should briefly coordinate your plans with your insurance company. As an additional service we offer a special theft insurance for cars equipped with the flinkey box. For more details please contact us directly.

Where exactly is the data  collected via  flinkey?
The data we collect with the system is stored on servers in Western Europe. We work together with the experienced cloud provider Microsoft Azure, the most certified company in the industry. The data backup complies with European guidelines and is of course DSGVO-compliant. You can find more details in our privacy policy.


Can I determine by which drivers my car is used?

Sure. Of course you keep full control over who you let drive your car around. You assign and revoke permissions individually and at any time for each user.


How can I give others access to my car?

Very easy via the flinkey app or in the portal. Select the car you want to share with others. View the list of all people involved and unlock the drivers. If the list is empty or you want to invite more people, you can easily do so via WhatsApp, email or SMS. Once your invitation is accepted, you can share your car.


How do I manage access rights to my car?

Simply use the list of users in your flinkey app or in the portal. All people who are marked as active can use your car if it is available. If you want to (temporarily) revoke an access, you set their permission to “not active”. If you want to reactivate the access, simply undo this action. You can also plan future permissions with start and end time.

What happens if my car is not returned on time?

We trust completely in your intuition. Please settle disputes within the company in a civilized manner.


Does the flinkey Box need maintenance?

If you don’t power your box via the 12V connection of your vehicle, it is recommended to check from time to time if the battery has enough charge, because even 21 days of running time are over at some point. Otherwise you don’t have to do anything else . If software updates are pending, we will inform you via the flinkey app.


Does it show on my car that it has a digital key?

That depends on where you place the flinkey box. Basically it is kept in a discreet color and is not so easy to recognize from the outside.


How big is the flinkey box?

The flinkey box is about as big as a 4 egg box… maybe a little bit bigger.


What do I do if the box no longer works and I do not have a spare key  to open my car?

Then call our hotline. They will gladly help you with troubleshooting. If nothing else works, we will order a tow truck to the nearest garage. There they will quickly get you roadworthy again. If the fault is in the flinkey Box, the towing will cost you nothing. We take over the costs. If you have any questions, you can always call our hotline.


How does the flinkey app work?

With the flinkey app you manage your cars and those you are allowed to use. Via the menu you can select a car. You will now be shown whether it is currently in use or is out of your reach. If it is available, you can use the map to find the location. As soon as you are within the radius of a secure Bluetooth connection (about 10 meters) you can unlock the car using the flinkey app. All information about your own vehicles and yourself can be found via the profile.

What happens if my phone is lost or stolen?

Then you best buy a new one quickly. Until then, you can also use a friend’s. All you have to do is download the flinkey app, log in to your account and everything works as usual. Please do not forget to log out before you return the phone.


What if the cell phone battery is empty?

This is of course unpleasant. The best thing to do is to find a power source in your area and unlock the car with the flinkey app. If you are in a hurry or don’t have a chance to get electricity, you can also simply log in with your account via a friend’s flinkey app. Please do not forget to log out. If everything does not work, you can still order a towing service from our partner MySchleppApp.

Do I have to pay extra for the app?

The flinkey app is free of charge. Only the use of flinkey itself requires a monthly fee paid by the owner of the car. But there is no limit to the number of users.


Can I use the flinkey app on my computer?

Unfortunately this is not possible. Besides, it’s probably a bit impractical to unlock your car with a computer. So you better use your cell phone.


What happens if I have no Internet connection or no data volume?

This is not a problem because the system also works offline. Your cell phone only needs to be online once every 7 days to update the digital key.


Can I use flinkey with a foreign cell phone?

Basically yes. The important thing is that you are logged in with your account. Please do not forget to log out .

My flinkey app does not do what it should. How can I give feedback?

Of course this is not optimal, sorry! We are always trying to make flinkey a bit better and would be happy if you help us with your feedback. In the flinkey app you will find the option to send us your observations under your profile. If you are not able to use an important function, please contact our hotline.