Installation & FAQs

The installation is optimized for simplicity and takes only a few minutes 

Quick Start:

  1. Open the portal using the link we sent you (mail folder, check spam if necessary) and log in with the data of the mail.
  2. Go to the Car screen and assign users to the displayed car by hitting the invite button (bottom right corner). If there is not invite button you are selected as “Car Owner” and can only handle the access rights using the flinkey app. To invite users using the portal, remove yourself as Car owner and start inviting others.
  3. Download the flinkey app from the store and log in with the same access data as in the portal.
  4. Open the box drawer and place your keyfob inside. There is no need to enable or activate the box. The box is always on and comes with a battery level of at least 50% charged. This will allow for a usage of about 4-6 months daily operation.
  5. Once you have set yourself as car owner using the portal or you have been invited to the car, the car will simply appear in the flinkey app. If needed, please select the invite link again. No special pairing between the phone and the box is needed. Note: The box will not appear as a Bluetooth device in your phone’s settings.
  6. Installation of the box itself: We recommend placing the box more within the front area of the vehicle. However, also the trunk area works well (expect Volvo cars due to a Volvo cars specific antenna configuration).
    Optionally use the velcro stripes from the package. If you only apply them on the box, make sure to use the grip side, so that the box can be placed on the car´s carpet for better sticking.
  7. Charging: Simply because there are many USB-C charging cables out there, a cable is not part of the delivery, to save resources and reduce electronic waste. To charge the box you can simply connect it constantly with a USB cable within the car or you can take it to a typical charger in your office. The box will soon indicate, on which battery level it is using sounds and lights. Otherwise go on the “Details” screen in the flinkey app to determine the battery level after a lock/unlock event.
  8. Done. Simple be close to the box and from now on your vehicle is in the digital age – with flinkey

Further Details:

Once the very first flinkey box arrives, your portal/client is already set up for you. In case you already ordered more boxes, you will find the new boxes appearing as “New Cars” within the Cars tab.


To start the first time you log in to the portal ( with your personal access data (If you are the contract owner/buyer, you have received access data from us. Use the same e-mail address). Simply select your car by switching on the tab “Cars” and edit the car details in your preferred way. Upload a picture for the assignees to identify the car easier in the flinkey app.


Installation: Preferred locations of the box within the car is the glove compartment, the passenger footwell area or directly under the front seats (access from the front or rear). Cars that still have a tunnel: Please the box onto the tunnel (between the rear seats).
Trunk installation: Especially, if the you operate a push-to-start vehicle, usually the trunk works as well as the location for the box. Make sure to place the box ideally more to the mid of the car within the trunk as some cars otherwise do not recognize the keyfob being inside of the vehicle (i.e. in Volvo cars).


Can the flinkey app be used with any smartphone?
The app is available for iOS and Android, so it works for all smartphones using such operating systems.
Does my vehicle have to meet special requirements for flinkey ?

No, flinkey works with most cars– if they can be locked/unlocked with a radio key from inside the car. To carry out a test in your specific case, it is best to contact us directly.

What does flinkey cost?

The pricing for flinkey depends on you the project volumes. Please reach out so that we can create an individual quote that fits your business needs and model.

How does the keyless opening and closing of a car with flinkey work ?

flinkey combines digital and traditional locking technology. The physical car key is safely stored in the flinkey box in the vehicle. The box itself is locked as soon as the car is locked. Once the car is open, you can also open the box if you still need a key to start the engine. If not, the key can always remain in the flinkey box. Users who have an access authorization will see the car in their flinkey app’s vehicle list. For locking/unlocking the vehicle a digital command to operate the key is sent utilizing an encrypted, seamless Bluetooth connection.

How secure is flinkey?

Very secure. flinkey meets highest standards in data security and encryption technology. Opening and closing a car using a smartphone is done offline and utilizing an encrypted Bluetooth connection. Our constantly validated and updated procedure ensures a reliable authentication at the box. Every single flinkey box is secured with its own cryptographic key. This secret is sharing during the production of the box. The box is always offline and only has BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) capabilities.

What about my car insurance when I use flinkey?

In principle, everything remains exactly as you know it. The vehicle owner himself takes care of all insurance for his vehicles and all drivers. If necessary, you should briefly coordinate your plans with your insurance company. As an additional service we offer a special theft insurance for cars equipped with the flinkey box. For more details please contact us directly.


What about my car insurance when I use flinkey?

Contact us directly for more information.


Where exactly is the data collected when using flinkey?
The data we collect with the system is stored on servers in Western Europe. We work together with the experienced cloud provider Microsoft Azure, one the most certified company in the industry. The data backup complies with European guidelines and is of course GDPR-compliant. 


Can I determine by which drivers the car was used?

Of course, you keep full control. Check out the log data in the user screen within the flinkey app (if you handle permissions using the flinkey app as car owner) or the event list in the portal when you manage the accesses using the portal (not as car owner). You assign and revoke permissions individually and at any time for each user.


How can I provide others access to cars?

There are two ways. Use either the flinkey app or the portal. In the portal select the car you want to share with others and invite new users using the button in the right bottom corner. To use the flinkey app to share accesses, select the user screen (if you are set as car owner in the portal).


What do I do if the box no longer works and I do not have a spare key to open my car?

Then call our hotline. They will gladly help you with troubleshooting.



How does the flinkey app work?

The flinkey app is your digital car key. Once you received access to a car it will be shown in the car list. As soon as you are within the radius of the secure Bluetooth connection (about 15 meters) the buttons in the app change from grey to green. Now you can unlock the car using the flinkey app. Check out the details screen within the car space to validate that the digital key is valid. The key automatically renews. Sometimes it takes a moment until the digital keys are fetched, especially if you have not opened the flinkey app for a while.


What happens if my phone is lost or stolen?

You can log in your account with any phone after downloading the flinkey app.


What if the cell phone battery is empty?

This is of course unpleasant. If you are in a hurry or do not have a chance to get electricity, you can also simply log in with your account via a friend’s flinkey app. Please do not forget to log out.


Do I have to pay extra for the app?

The flinkey app is free of charge. Only the use of flinkey itself requires a monthly fee paid by the owner of the car. There is no limit to the number of users.


What happens if I have no Internet connection or no data volume?

This is not a problem because the system also works offline. Your cell phone only needs to be online once every 7 days to update the digital key.


Can I use flinkey with a foreign cell phone?

Basically yes. The important thing is that you are logged in with your account. Please do not forget to log out.


My flinkey app does not do what it should. How can I give feedback?

This is not optimal, sorry! We are always trying to make flinkey better and would be happy if you help us with your feedback. In the flinkey app you will find the option to send us your feedback. If you are not able to use an important function, please contact our hotline.