How Mobile Care Services Optimize their Vehicle Management

Nursing staff are among the professions that are essential for maintaining our society. In addition to caring for their patients, employees of nursing services are additionally constrained by organizational tasks that could actually be avoided – this already starts with vehicle management.

1. The Most Important Facts in Brief:

  • The mobile care service is an industry that operates around the clock
  • Emergencies, illnesses, and roster changes complicate vehicle management.
  • Digital vehicle management can make the organization clearer and more efficient.

2. The Most Common Challenges of Mobile Care Services

The daily work of nursing staff is usually strictly scheduled, so that there is often little time left. However, each assignment focuses on the individual care of a person – so it is easy for delays to occur that were not calculated for, resulting in the care staff spontaneously changing their route or having to get back into the car at the end of their shift.

In the worst case, however, a care vehicle comes to a complete standstill – whether due to difficult handovers, lost keys or spontaneous changes.

To prevent analog key transfers from becoming a stress factor, the use of digital keys acts as a simple and quickly implementable problem solution – bringing caregivers and patients together as quickly as possible!

3. Complex Vehicle Allocation robs Time for Patient Care

The coordination of the team, duty schedules and vehicles quickly becomes confusing. Even the smallest deviations from the schedule can lead to downtime. Thus, the schedule can quickly become confused – a digital vehicle management can help here!

4. Digital Vehicle Management Minimizes Organizational Effort and Costs

Digital shift schedules, which can be coordinated via a portal, for example, are a good way to ensure a smooth workday. Perhaps even more important is the keyless access to the care vehicles: Employees can use an app to access the various vehicles in the fleet that have been approved for them. Time-consuming key handovers are thus completely eliminated. Vehicles can be handed over in a free-float process – regardless of the company location.

Spontaneous vehicle changes are easier because vehicles can be accessed conveniently and at any time via app.

5. The Advantages at a Glance:

  • Easy management and allocation of available vehicles
  • Less downtime
  • No more time-consuming key handovers or lost keys
  • Optimization of tours and duty rosters
  • Saves time, costs and effort

Are you also thinking about digitalizing your fleet management? Learn more about the flinkey system here.

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