flinkey App

The flinkey App
The digital keychain for your fleet!

The flinkey app is the digital keychain for your vehicle fleet. As soon as the app is installed on your smartphone, it becomes the digital key for all unlocked vehicles. The app is intuitively designed and can be used immediately after installation:


Open & Close

With the flinkey app, all unlocked vehicles can be opened and closed again. For this purpose, the app communicates with the flinkey box via low energy Bluetooth and thus also works in areas with poor reception (e.g. underground garages). In the app, users can see all the vehicles that have been unlocked for them. If the user approaches a vehicle, the option to open or close the vehicle appears directly in the interface.


Search & Find

With the flinkey app, you can easily navigate to the desired vehicle. For this purpose, the location of the last locking process is displayed, which is particularly advantageous when changing drivers, as an arrangement is no longer necessary. There is no permanent tracking with the navigation function!


Invite & Authorize

An admin is assigned to each vehicle. In addition to all functionalities, this person can also assign access rights for the vehicle via the app. The authorization can be sent to any contact quickly and easily via messenger of choice. So flexible, another person can then drive off directly with the vehicle! Of course, the authorizations can also be withdrawn at any time via the app.

Good to know:

The app can be downloaded free of charge from the App Store or Play Store and is ready to use right away!

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