flinkey Box

The flinkey Box
The heart of the flinkey system!

The flinkey box is the central heart of the entire flinkey system and is placed in the vehicle as a key box. The box receives the encrypted opening signal via Bluetooth and makes digital vehicle management possible in the first place!


Immediatly ready for use without any conversion

The flinkey box can be placed anywhere in the vehicle and is registered in the portal. After approval via the app, it is then immediately ready for use. The whole thing is simple and quick – without the need for a workshop. This way, you avoid installation costs and downtime, as required by other digital vehicle access systems.


Vehicle key always at hand

When the vehicle is unlocked, the flinkey box is also unlocked at the same time and the key can be removed from the box if required – making the flinkey system suitable for vehicles without keyless go. To lock the vehicle, the key must be placed back in the box. When the vehicle is locked via smartphone, the flinkey box is also securely locked so that access to the key is no longer possible!


Communication via bluetooth 

The flinkey system works with a fourfold challenge-response process – box and smartphone app communicate via low energy Bluetooth. This ensures that only authorized access requests are successful and can open the box. Bluetooth communication also allows the vehicle to be accessed offline. This is clearly advantageous in underground garages or regions with weak mobile reception, for example.

Good to know:

The flinkey box will not be visible in the usual Bluetooth settings of the mobile device.

The flinkey box contains a secure key compartment in which the car key is placed. If an unlocking signal is now received from an authorized smartphone, the vehicle is unlocked by a small lever mechanically actuating the “open button” of the car key. Therefore, an individual box is offered for each type of key. Which box is the right one for which key can be easily checked in the KeyFob overview:

KeyFob Overview

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