flinkey Portal

The flinkey Portal
All vehicles and users at a glance!

With the flinkey portal, you always have your vehicles and all users in view! The user-friendly portal also centrally manages all flinkey boxes. Here, access rights for all vehicles and drivers can be organised centrally, quickly and easily.
The portal can be used independently of the hardware and operating system of your devices!



Management of all your vehicles

The release of the vehicles is managed in the flinkey portal by the administrator. In the user-friendly flinkey Portal, the individual flinkey boxes are each assigned to a vehicle. A main owner can also be defined for a vehicle. This owner can then also assign further releases for the corresponding vehicle via the app. The digital car keys can be reproduced as often as desired in the flinkey portal. There is therefore no upper limit for access to a vehicle.


User authorizations with one click

In a separate dashboard, the flinkey portal provides an overview of all created drivers. Authorizations for vehicles can be assigned with one click. Groups can also be created to distribute the permissions even more efficiently.

If a person is defined as the vehicle admin, user authorisations can also be assigned via the app. Invitations for vehicles are then conveniently sent via Messenger.


Box overview

The portal offers you a clear overview of all your active boxes. Each flinkey box can be easily activated or deactivated via the portal. This way, you always have an overview of which box is assigned to which vehicle. In addition, you can easily order further boxes via the portal.

Good to know:

The allocation of usage rights for any number of vehicles via the central flinkey portal saves you time-consuming arrangements and coordination with the individual drivers – and thus a lot of time. The existing vehicles can be used much more efficiently and flexibly thanks to the simple administration.

The flinkey system also opens up completely new possibilities. Third-party access to your vehicles is also conceivable, for example for in-car deliveries.


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