the flinkey system

flinkey System

The flinkey System

The flinkey system – digital key management for your vehicles

The flinkey system is the innovative all-in-one solution for your digital vehicle management – all vehicles in your fleet can be conveniently opened, closed and shared via smartphone!
The system consists of the flinkey box, the associated app and the management portal. It offers a simple and efficient way to manage any number of users and vehicles.
The flinkey system is immediately ready for use – and all without any changeovers or downtime. This is made possible by the flinkey box, which can be placed in any vehicle.
Commissioning the flinkey box is simple and once it’s done, you can start directly managing your vehicles thanks to the intuitive management platform including the app. All authorised users can then securely open and lock the assigned vehicles with their smartphone.


  • the flinkey box

    flinkey Box

    The flinkey box is the heart of the system – the key box in the vehicle – and receives the encrypted opening signal via Bluetooth. The flinkey box only needs to be placed once in the vehicle and then remains there. No conversion of the vehicle or key is necessary – it couldn’t be easier!



  • the flinkey app

    flinkey App

    Access to the vehicle takes place without a physical key – the user only needs the flinkey app on the smartphone in order to open and close all released vehicles with a simple click. The app can also be used to send authorisations to other people quickly and easily via Messenger.



  • the flinkey portal

    flinkey Portal

    The simple access allocation and administration of vehicles is done via the flinkey portal and enables efficient vehicle management. In the portal, you have an overview of all your vehicles and users. Authorizations can be assigned for individual users or entire groups. Additional boxes can also be ordered with just one click via the portal.



Good to know:

The flinkey system gives you complete freedom in managing your entire fleet – the system is the perfect solution for all vehicles, regardless of manufacturer. The system also supports vehicles with and without keyless go function. If required, the car key can be removed from the box after unlocking the vehicle and used as normal.
With the flinkey system, you enjoy full flexibility!