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New ideas and innovations drive progress. We cooperate and act with partners because the addition of digital and innovative solutions creates even greater added value for customers. Together as partners, we can optimize processes for your customers and achieve a stronger customer experience. Good to know: We believe that we can only become even more successful with strong partners. The flinkey system offers an easy to handle vehicle authorization system. Detailed online booking systems are not included. And: We as flinkey concentrate purely on the B2B business. Thanks to the provided SDK and the easily consumable API, flinkey can be integrated into existing software applications efficiently and quickly. For software developers and programmers, we have summarized all information in the developer area – well documented. If you are interested in the code of our app, or our portal – please contact us. We believe that an efficient integration process, in which you are fully supported by us, will generate satisfied customers even faster. This is our common goal!

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Geotab securely connects vehicles to the Internet and provides advanced web-based analysis to better manage fleets . Geotab 's open platform and marketplace offers hundreds of third-party solution options and enables both small and large companies to automate operations by integrating vehicle data with other company databases. As an IoT hub,  the  Geotab  solution is universally extensible with other technologies .  Through its telematics device  and  MyGeotab  platform , Geotab  helps   fleet operators worldwide to improve their productivity, minimize fleet costs through smart maintenance control and reduced fuel consumption. Furthermore, the  Geotab solution is ideal for increasing driver safety through driver coaching. A special focus is placed on security and data protection: To protect customer data from unauthorized access, Geotab  continuously optimizes  its security mechanisms and processes.


Moove is an expert in the field of automotive telematics and carsharing. In cooperation with Geotab, Moove connects vehicles to the internet and facilitates access to a wide range of relevant data. Moove currently operates in twenty countries and has over 10,000 connected and shared vehicles.

Since its foundation in 2008, autoaid has been developing automotive diagnostic devices that enable in-depth diagnostics for 32 car brands and over 2500 models. Based on this experience of more than ten years in the field of OBDII, the company is now also setting standards with its new Connected Car System including the newly developed, very small OBDII dongle. The device enables easy retrofittable access to the vehicle data of an entire fleet. With autoaid as a partner, the portfolio in the area of telematics is expanded to network vehicles across manufacturers and integrate data such as real mileage and fuel levels, fault codes, service intervals and real-time GPS tracking.
carano Software Solutions GmbH

The Berlin-based company has stood for innovation and experience in the fields of fleet management and fleet software for over 25 years. As an established industry expert, Carano and its more than 75 employees from 15 countries offer  innovative solutions and comprehensive services that support all processes in the vehicle life cycle: From procurement to fleet management, pool vehicle management and car sharing to solutions for owner liability such as electronic driver's license control and driver instruction in accordance with accident prevention regulations. In total, our software solutions manage, procure and sell over 250,000 vehicles.

KMS Mobility Solutions GmbH

KMS is a long-standing solution partner in the mobility industry.  Its clientele includes classic car rental companies and dealers,  car sharing providers, but also industrial companies with their own fleet management and leasing providers. The comprehensive cloud solutions enable an easy start for customers and offer many flexible components and interfaces such as online booking, payment services and telematics. With the Rentoffice  and  Fleetoffice solutions  from KMS, customers manage their station-based or automated rental solutions, as well as subscription and long-term models and corporate  car sharing.


Vimcar started 2014 with the electronic driver's logbook, which was developed in cooperation with tax consultants and was crowned test winner. Since then, the Berlin-based company has specialized in fleet management solutions for small and medium-sized companies and has made it its mission to digitize all processes related to company cars. Their fleet software includes an electronic logbook, a digital vehicle file, a secure driver's license check and vehicle booking as well as GPS-supported vehicle location. Vimcar offers various packages that can be flexibly combined, enabling companies to meet their individual challenges and needs.

DRWZ Mobile GmbH

DRWZ Mobile GmbH emerged from the Deutsche Raiffeisen-Warenzentrale GmbH (DRWZ) and is the central mobility partner for cooperative enterprises in Germany. Based in Wiesbaden, DRWZ Mobile brokers vehicles and fleet services at key account conditions. Thanks to the framework agreements of DRWZ, even small companies from the cooperative world can benefit from conditions that are otherwise only offered to corporations. The range of services offered by DRWZ Mobile is rounded off by complete solutions for your customers, for example in setting up charging infrastructure or taking over complete fleet management.


With the help of evemo, companies, local authorities and associations simply become providers of mobility services themselves. The innovative software platform enables easy sharing of cars, bicycles, scooters and other vehicles. All shared mobility processes are automatically mapped, from booking to keyless vehicle access and billing.

Offer greater added value

As flinkey partner

It has been 3 years now Moove and WITTE has joined forces to provide a flexible and affordable ecosystem for carsharing. We came a long way since then and are now able to provide seamless corporate carsharing for large fleetowners. WITTE shares our relentless focus on our customer and endorsing the highest level of service. Next to having right resources it is this mindset which makes the difference and bonds us.

Henk Kooijman

COO, Moove


Car sharing is an attractive new option for companies. By cooperating with WITTE Digital, we can map processes that make car sharing  safer and easier, from booking a vehicle, to checking the driver’s license, to vehicle access.

Christian Siewek

Managing director, VIMCAR

CaranoCloud in combination with flinkey is an end-to-end digital solution for corporate car sharing via smartphone. The user benefits from the convenience and flexibility that we can offer together.

Suleika Tag

Product Owner, CaranoCloud


We use the flinkey box and IQ technology to provide our customers  with car sharing and telematics functions for their vehicle fleet in a simple way within our Rentoffice solution. We used the flinkey APIs and integrated them into our UI via our platform. The good and cooperative partnership during the development and operation of the solution has helped us to achieve real added value for our customers.

Stephan Siehl

Managing director, kms mobility Solutions

The flinkey box finally makes possible what many of our customers have long wished for: A simple and safe method to make pool vehicles available to several users. The annoying key management is no longer necessary and the vehicle does not have to be extensively converted – we are convinced of this solution!

Sören Hensen

Managing director, DRWZ Mobile GmbH


Automatic key handover is a core component of modern shared mobility offerings. With the flinkey box we can fall back on a flexible product for keyless vehicle access. This allows us to focus on our core competence, the development and provision of customized mobility solutions.

Felix Peters

Founder and managing director, mobility HQ

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Vimcar started in 2014 with the electronic logbook, which was developed in cooperation with tax consultants and crowned the test winner. Since then, the Berlin-based company has specialized in fleet management solutions for small and medium-sized companies and has set itself the task of digitizing all processes relating to company cars. In addition to the electronic logbook, your fleet software includes, among other things, a digital vehicle file, secure driver's license control and vehicle booking as well as GPS-supported vehicle tracking.


evemo offers flexible mobility solutions for companies, municipalities or associations that want to provide mobility services themselves. Their individually adaptable software simplifies the operation and control of vehicles in order to provide services such as Car sharing, even in rural areas, to be made possible in an uncomplicated manner and with little effort.


Whether fleet management, vehicle procurement, corporate car sharing or solutions for owner liability, such as UVV driver instruction and electronic driver's license control: the solutions can be used individually or in combination. More than 250,000 vehicles are already controlled, procured and managed with their solutions. The company is currently participating in research projects in the areas of corporate car sharing, e-mobility and telematics in order to adapt its product portfolio to current trends.

Safe Driver

SafeDriver by Ennoo is a licensed rental car company that offers driving services for large mobility platforms. With over 500 drivers in six major cities, the company currently has the largest private vehicle fleet for transporting people in Germany. Since the company's inception, more than 5 million passengers have used SafeDriver's driving service.

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