Technologypartner Tapkey

Technologypartner Tapkey
the open Access as a Service (AaaS)-Platform

Tapkey is our technology partner for the flinkey system. Tapkey’s technology enables the simple and seamless integration of the flinkey system’s smartphone-based access. Tapkey’s open Access as a Service platform ensures mobile access via API, Mobile SDK, Mobile Embedded SDK and the Lock SDK.

The Tapkey Management API, Mobile SDK and Lock SDK enable partners to seamlessly integrate smartphone-based access into existing apps and develop new access solutions for the connected world. Tapkey also offers white label product solutions. In addition, there is an ecosystem of compatible hardware such as cylinders, wall readers, curtain locks, furniture locks and car sharing boxes.

Open Access as a Service Platform
Safe mobile access to the digital flinkey world

Tapkey is an open Access as a Service platform for mobile access dedicated to creating and spreading secure mobile access in a digitally connected world.

With Tapkey, access authorisations can be granted, revoked or time-limited remotely via smartphone. In addition, NFC transponders – available as tags, cards and wristbands – can be written directly with the mobile phone. Near Field Communication (NFC) and Bluetooth (BLE) allow users to open doors, cars, boxes and more without an internet connection. Tapkey combines the highest security standards with unprecedented ease of use.

International successful partners like DOM, Tokai Rika, WITTE, Ruptela and Locaboo rely on Tapkey-Technology.