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For many companies, efficient fleet management is the basis to offer services according to plan. No matter whether in the mobile care service, handicraft business, delivery service, driving service or in the allocation of company cars – the digitalization of your vehicle administration offers new chances and possibilities for your company.

Digital fleet management not only helps to modernize your fleet, but also makes it easier to plan and organize mobile services. Unnecessarily complicated vehicle changes, unclear fleet lists, missing access authorizations and time-consuming key handovers are a thing of the past with our flinkey system. Our system helps you to organize the handover coordination effectively, thus saving time and costs.

Start digitizing with us and benefit from the advantages of our flinkey box, the flinkey app and the flinkey portal.

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1. The most important facts

Traditional fleet management often faces problems such as a complicated and non-transparent key handover. Valuable time is lost due to increased expenses, which can be saved by digital fleet management.

With our flinkey system you can digitalize your fleet management without having to convert your vehicles. Our system includes the flinkey box, the flinkey app and our flinkey portal for managing vehicles and users.

The flinkey app works as a digital key. With this activation technology, driver changes can be made easier and the entire fleet management can be optimized.

2. Intelligent fleet management

Intelligent fleet management is crucial for the optimization of business processes. But what is actually meant by the term and how can smart fleet management be implemented?


Fleet managers face great challenges every day. They always have the goal of utilizing the fleet as efficiently as possible. In theory this sounds obvious, but in reality it is often difficult to achieve.

Often several employees who are in the company for different shifts share one vehicle. The first hurdle for a smooth change of vehicle is the handover of keys: If the keys are not collected at a central location, complicated handovers often occur.


Another weakness may be the allocation of vehicle authorizations. With some services, such as care services, things sometimes simply have to happen quickly. What happens if the planned car is not ready to drive or was not parked at the agreed location? In such cases, manual fleet management can lead to an increased workload that costs unnecessary time and money. Irrespective of this, in many areas the use of vehicles is essential for carrying out the activity – without a vehicle, the service cannot be offered in such cases.


Intelligent fleet management software can make it much easier to overcome everyday challenges and organize vehicle fleets. It enables a permanent and holistic monitoring of all vehicles and users. This offers significant advantages in planning: It is not only possible to see how and for what a vehicle was used, but also which drivers were assigned to the corresponding vehicles. Faults can be identified and rectified more easily.


Vehicles can be precisely located by means of GPS trackers. Fleet managers can have a permanent overview of vehicles and thus control which vehicle covers which distance. This data can be collected, viewed and analyzed in a logbook. Based on this, future trips can be planned and optimized in advance.

Good to know!

A completely digital fleet management system results in a sustainable increase in efficiency through the resulting optimizations: Vehicles can be managed centrally and assigned easily. By cooperating with our integration partners, flinkey guarantees reliable, intuitive and innovative solutions for digital fleet management.

3. Make fleet management efficient

We have developed the flinkey system for a quick and uncomplicated start into digitalization in order to support you in the best possible way in the challenge of digital fleet management.

The flinkey system, consisting of the flinkey box, the corresponding app and the administration portal, offers a simple yet functional introduction to the digitalization of your fleet management. Opening vehicles without a key? With the flinkey system this is easily possible – and without the need for any modifications. Digital car access saves you both time and effort.

Good to know!

If the vehicle is locked, the flinkey box is also locked and the key is protected against unauthorized access.

With the flinkey app vehicles can be opened very easily. Once the app is installed on the smartphone, it acts as a digital key for all activated vehicles. App users can not only view all their activated vehicles, but can also see where the vehicles are at any given time by means of navigation. As soon as a vehicle is within range, the app indicates that the vehicle can be opened. Administrators can also manage vehicle authorizations via the app. In this way, additional drivers can be invited via WhatsApp or e-mail.

Good to know!

The connection between app and box is established via Bluetooth. Dead spots and used data volume are therefore irrelevant when opening the vehicle, as the app also works offline.

The flinkey portal is the central administration tool. It allows fleet managers to centrally manage the flinkey boxes of all vehicles. The portal offers the possibility to view all vehicles including their location and to assign – or withdraw – access rights. In addition, all drivers are also managed in the portal. The digital keys can be reproduced by fleet managers via the flinkey portal as often as required and assigned to drivers without losing the overview.

When it comes to security, the flinkey system convinces with its fourfold challenge-response method. This ensures that only authorized users have access to the vehicle and can open the box.

3.1 Uncomplicated retrofitting of vehicle fleet

New technologies and their use are often accompanied by time-consuming and costly conversions and downtimes. Our flinkey system is different: it is not only simple and intuitive, but can also be installed non-invasively.

To digitally upgrade a fleet with the flinkey system not much is required. The flinkey boxes are the basis of the system: they contain the key drawer, in which the car key is inserted, as well as the activation technology. One click in the app unlocks both the car and the flinkey box. If necessary, the key can be removed from the box to start the car. Thus the flinkey system is also suitable for vehicles without keyless go function.

Did you know?

The flinkey boxes can be placed flexibly within the vehicle and can be fixed with a tape if required. They can be used in almost every vehicle built after 2003.

The flinkey system is the perfect alternative to an expensive retrofit or the acquisition of new vehicles with integrated digital access, which are associated with a high expenditure of time and money. The flinkey system is particularly compatible and future-oriented, as sharing resources such as vehicles is becoming more and more important in an increasingly sustainable society.

3.2 Integration with other systems

Besides the easy installation within the vehicle, the flinkey system can also be easily integrated into existing applications. By providing so-called Software Development Kits (SDKs) and an Application Programming Interface (API) free of charge, the flinkey system can act as a perfect addition to your existing system.

SDKs are helpful resources and useful tools that show developers existing interfaces and inform about how flinkey can be seamlessly integrated into other applications. The API is an interface responsible for the exchange of information, data and commands. Thus, functions, interfaces or other elements of the flinkey system can be accessed via API. Applications can be connected to the flinkey system in just a few steps. This way you can integrate and optimize your existing software with flinkey.

4. Advantages of 

The flinkey system

5. Conclusion: In a few steps to the digitalization of your vehicle fleet

With our flinkey system your fleet management can be easily digitalized, so that you are well prepared for future challenges of your company. With the flinkey system it takes only a few steps to implement the digitalization measures:

  1. Contact us and let our team of experts for telematics and digital fleet management advise you.
  2. Get the flinkey system including boxes, app and portal for desktop use.
  3. Place the flinkey boxes as you wish in the vehicles of your fleet and store the keys in them.
  4. Download the app free of charge to your and all users’ smartphones and install the portal for desktop use. Then simply distribute the access rights for the vehicles via the portal.
  5. Open the vehicle, get in and drive off with a click in the app.

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