Digital Interface for Keyless Car Access

Open a car simply by app? Retrofitting requires little effort thanks to the digital interfaces of many systems and quickly enables keyless access to your vehicle. Various systems allow you to open the vehicle with your smartphone, for example. Integrating corresponding systems is easy to implement thanks to digital interfaces and often doesn’t even require any conversion in the car.

1. The Most Important Facts in Brief

  1. The advantage of being able to open a car without a key is particularly appreciated in fleet management. Several users can thus access the same vehicle without handing over the key.
  2. If you want to open your car with your smartphone, retrofitting software is usually not costly.
  3. A digital interface enables the integration of an opening system into existing softwares: Thanks to SDK and API you can integrate the modern systems into your existing fleet management.

2. Open Cars Without Keys: How It Works

The use of digital car keys has many advantages. Digital access to the car can, for example, simplify the management of a vehicle fleet, as several people can use a vehicle without having to hand over a key. The use of a physical key is completely eliminated. There are now various technologies that replace the conventional car key.

The function is extensively possible only in cars with central locking. The basis for keyless car access is always a system that has to be connected to the vehicle. Various technologies can be used for access, such as NFC (near field communication) or RFID (radio frequency identification). Depending on the vehicle model, retrofitting the car is necessary to use these technologies. For example, if an NFC chip is to be used to open the car, a corresponding receiver must be installed in the door handle.

3. Digital Interfaces Enable Easy Integration

Regardless of which method you choose to open your vehicles without a key – managing access to a vehicle always works via supplied software. So if your company already uses another system, for example to manage fleet vehicles, it makes sense to integrate the new functions directly. Most systems for keyless car access offer so-called APIs (application programming interfaces) as digital interfaces for straightforward integration. These enable data exchange between two connected program modules and provide access to the functions of the integrated system.

Software Development Kits (SDKs), which are also often included in the scope of a software, offer another advantage. Developers and programmers receive all the necessary information in the SDKs about how the application can be integrated into existing systems.

4. High Flexibility Through Digital Interfaces

The advantages of connecting two application systems through a digital interface are quickly grasped:

1. Flexible Combinations

The combination of two systems offers a double advantage: For example, a system for digital driver logbooks can be ideally combined with a solution for digital car access. The digital key also allows several people to conveniently access the car. By being able to open the respective vehicle without a key, you don’t have to give a car key to every potential driver. This can make vehicle assignment processes more efficient, which in turn can help with shift planning.

2. Quick Retrofit and Variation

Modular systems that can be connected via digital interfaces are highly variable. You can thus integrate different digital solutions precisely adapted to your company and thereby optimize your processes individually. Thanks to simple integration, you can quickly find out which solutions are best suited for your company.

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Integrate the flinkey system easily thanks to SDK and API 

With flinkey, there is no need for complicated integration into existing systems : thanks to the user-friendly SDK and a powerful API, you can integrate the flinkey system into your existing fleet management software in just a few steps. This makes it quick and easy to distribute access to all potential drivers. In the future, manage the access rights to your vehicles of the entire fleet digitally and without having to perform invasive modification methods on individual cars – and continue to trust in your deployed management software.

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