Downsizing the fleet

Every day, fleet managers are once again faced with the challenge of allocating vehicles to their employees as efficiently as possible. The larger the fleet, the less overview there is and the more frequently there are errors in planning. These not only cost time and money, but also reduce profits in the long term. In addition to digitizing the vehicle fleet, downsizing the fleet can help make coordination and organization more efficient. Find out here the benefits reducing your fleet can bring and what approaches are possible.

2. The most important infos in a nutshell

  • With a smaller fleet, fleet managers can ensure ideal vehicle utilization.
  • Long downtimes or high costs for insurance or even parking spaces are thus avoided.
  • In order to efficiently manage the fleet, the utilization and the authorization of users, the use of a digital administration with a corresponding portal is suitable.

2. Downsizing the fleet – What are the benefits?

Companies that offer their work predominantly on a mobile basis depend on efficient fleet management. In many cases all employees have their own vehicles, so they can use them independently of each other. On the one hand, this offers a great deal of flexibility; on the other, fleet managers have a smaller overview.

Apart from the fact that a large fleet is confusing, both fuel and maintenance costs add up. In addition, vehicles are not optimally utilized if each employee has his or her own vehicle and downtime is therefore accepted. The resulting expense leads to a loss of profit in the long term.

However, a smaller fleet that can be used more efficiently by means of digital solutions offers a suitable alternative. It’s not only that costs for maintenance and tank fillings are saved, but numerous insurance policies for multiple vehicles are thus a thing of the past. In particular, fees for parking spaces, which are in short supply especially in urban areas, can be reduced with a smaller vehicle fleet.

Good to know!

But there are more than just economic reasons for downsizing your fleet. In the long term, fleets with fewer vehicles are also better for the environment as fewer resources are thus used to build cars. From an ecological perspective, small fleets are more sustainable and future-oriented.

3. Downsizing the fleet: How can that work?

You have decided to downsize your fleet for both economic and ecological reasons. But how do you go about it as an entrepreneur or fleet manager?

Basically, an overview should be obtained at the beginning of how many vehicles are available and how they are distributed among the employees. Fleet managers should ask themselves the following questions, for example:

  • Does every employee really need their own vehicle?
  • To what extent does it make sense to distribute a vehicle among several employees?
  • Can the company’s services be offered in shifts?
  • Do employees need their vehicles on a daily basis?

Good to know!

Every fleet is individual. Depending on the industry and capacities, coordinators and administrators face different challenges for which tailored solutions must be developed.

If fleet managers and entrepreneurs come to the conclusion that it would make sense to reduce the size of the vehicle fleet, the prerequisites for this must be created. A comprehensive and holistic restructuring of the fleet is required so that a small number of vehicles can be distributed among several employees. The digitalization of the fleet offers an effective solution here.

Digital tools and applications offer many possibilities that will lead to better coordination of the fleet in the long term. Fleet managers should find out to what extent it is possible to convert the existing fleet. In doing so, it is important to weigh up whether a conversion or the acquisition of new vehicles is more profitable.

Digital fleet management

Once the vehicles in a fleet are ready for digitization, it is important to determine which applications and tools make sense for digital management. In most cases, central software forms the core of a digital fleet. This provides a better overview of the vehicle fleet. Tools such as GPS tracking make it possible to collect data for a digital logbook. On the basis of this, journeys can be better monitored and routes better planned.

Digital and keyless car access systems make it easier to share vehicles with each other. Whereas analog solutions often involve time-consuming handovers of keys, a digital car key makes it easy to swap vehicles – no matter where the vehicle happens to be. Access rights can also be distributed in a straightforward manner using digital administration.

4. Conclusion: Downsizing your fleet in a fast and efficient way

Although it may seem more costly at first to downsize a fleet, a smaller fleet combined with digital tools and applications can make fleet management more effective. Time and money can be saved through a more straightforward allocation of vehicles and better monitoring.

The flinkey system offers a holistic solution for digitizing a vehicle fleet. It can be easily integrated into almost any vehicle built after 2003. The heart of the system is the flinkey box. The car key is inserted into it and can be operated via the flinkey app using the built-in unlocking technology. Triggering the unlocking technology opens the vehicle and the key can be removed from the box for driving. Vehicles and access rights can be managed via the flinkey portal. Thanks to the simple integration of the flinkey system into the vehicles and the high compatibility of the flinkey apps, the conversion is particularly time and cost-saving.

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