Fleet management

Retrofitting fleets in an easy way

Traditional fleet management may be associated with unnecessary complications and therefore loss of time. Delayed key handovers or vehicles that are not optimally utilized are a thing of the past thanks to comprehensive solutions for digital vehicle management. But what are the ways to digitize fleet management in the company? Find out here how a changeover is possible without a major retooling.

1. The most important infos in a nutshell

  • The digitalization of fleet management is essential to make fleet management future-oriented and efficient.
  • The types of systems for digital fleet management vary greatly in terms of scope of services and costs.
  • Modular systems offer flexibility and can often be used without retrofitting the vehicle. A high level of compatibility of the software used also makes it easy to combine several independent systems with each other.

2. What solutions are available for digital fleet management?

One thing is clear: the digitization of fleet management is unavoidable if administrative processes are to be made more effective. A digital driver’s logbook, for example, enables productive evaluation of journeys made, which can optimize allocation processes. Features such as digital car keys and the flexible allocation of usage rights via app also promote a smooth handover of vehicles from one user to the next. The time gained is not infrequently associated with high cost savings.

Nowadays, various elements come into question for digital fleet management. These include:

  • GPS tracking can be used to create a digital logbook.
  • Digital and keyless car access eliminates time-consuming handovers.
  • Management software: Portals and apps help with digital management and enable the assignment of access rights, for example.
  • Additional services such as a digital fuel card or driver’s license recognition for validating new drivers are particularly suitable in the car sharing sector.

Depending on the provider, these and other features can be used either completely or individually to digitize a fleet. Particularly extensive systems usually require an intervention in the vehicle’s technology for the conversion, for example if a GPS receiver has to be installed. Digital door opening systems also usually have to be retrofitted on the vehicle at great expense.

These conversions usually involve a visit to the workshop, a certain amount of downtime, and high installation costs. Especially when using leased vehicles, such invasive solutions for digital vehicle management are not an option.

3. Digital fleet management without retrofitting

Many systems for digital fleet management offer an all-round package – but commissioning these systems often involves high costs. More flexible solutions are also available on the market. Modular systems, for example, offer the user more freedom when it comes to choosing the elements to be digitized. In addition, the effort required for commissioning is usually lower.

Good to know!

A particular advantage is that when individual system components are selected, for example for digital car access, there is often no need for complex retrofitting on the vehicle. For instance, the flinkey box can be put into operation immediately without any technical intervention on the car. The physical car key is placed in the customized key compartment of the box, which in turn can be placed anywhere in the vehicle. If the box receives the appropriate signal via the flinkey app, the vehicle can then be opened or closed mechanically by push button. Access rights to the respective car are assigned and managed via the flinkey portal.

All the advantages of the non-invasive system at a glance:

  • No need for retrofitting: no need to intervene on the vehicle
  • favorable commissioning
  • Quick installation and immediate start using the digital car key via app
  • Compatibility and combination options of multiple systems for digital fleet management
  • Fast uninstallation for leased vehicles upon request

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