Opportunities and Possibilities:

Sustainable Mobility in Companies

The car as a status symbol is currently undergoing a transformation. The focus of company cars and fleets is increasingly on aspects such as environmental friendliness and efficiency. In these times of rethinking, it is important for companies to go with the trend and prepare now for the mobility of the future.

1. The Most Important Facts in Brief:

  • In the mobility transition, companies are unsure which measures suit them.
  • Methods such as the switch to e-mobility, digital fleet management and simplified vehicle handover (e.g. in car sharing) are conceivable.
  • The innovations bring benefits such as an improved corporate image, cost savings and less time spent by all involved.

2. Goals and Status of New Mobility

The mobility of the future faces two main challenges: minimizing environmental impact and innovations for driving comfort. The former is a constant topic, especially in the wake of climate change; the CO2 emissions of vehicles are to be reduced. E-models or hybrid vehicles are already shaping up as a possible alternative to the classic combustion engine.


Noticeable changes are taking place in fleet management. For example, there is a clear trend toward pool vehicles. Instead of assigning each employee his or her own car, this model provides a permanently available fleet that can be shared among each other. This is matched by technical innovations such as keyless car access or software for fleet management.

3. Conversion to the Mobility of the Future

How can companies adapt to the changes in the mobility sector? By finding the ideal solution for their conditions! The question is, how can forward planning, intelligent use and effective utilization of an existing service fleet be implemented quickly and easily?

The following measures could pay off depending on company size and fleet usage:

1. Electric vehicle fleet for short distances

If a company’s vehicle fleet is to be used primarily in urban areas, switching to e-vehicles is a good idea. They score points, for example, with delivery services that cover short distances or with short journeys to the company by employees. One point of criticism in e-mobility is the low range, which so far cannot keep up with gasoline or diesel vehicles. Another aspect for or against the decision for an electro-based fleet is the cost factor. In the case of small fleets, the investment is naturally much lower than in the case of an extensive fleet, which would entail high acquisition costs.

2. Digitalized vehicle management

If your company is looking for a solution that is also suitable for long distances, we recommend installing a digital vehicle management system. This takes over tasks such as vehicle coordination or the allocation of usage rights for individual vehicles. As a supplement, the installation of telematics systems in the fleet vehicles is advisable; for some aspects, these systems are even indispensable. They help to record data such as an electronic logbook and also provide useful data for planning routes efficiently. Even in the case of very extensive fleets, digitization of the system is a thankful and comparatively easy-to-implement process optimization.

3. Innovative vehicle opening

If the goal of modernized mobility is simplified vehicle access , keyless access to your vehicles is convincing. Technologies such as Bluetooth or NFC can be used here. The manual transfer of keys between the individual persons using the vehicles is no longer necessary. Likewise, the users of the fleet are not bound to any opening or business hours of the fleet owner.

Good to know!

In-car delivery as a possible area of application for keyless car access.

Due to the time flexibility of car access, keyless car access can not only be useful for car sharing, but also enable so-called in-car delivery. With this future-oriented service, goods or tools are deposited directly in a parked vehicle that can be located via GPS. Repairs or other services on the vehicle are also conceivable without your presence.

4. Advantages of a Modernized Vehicle Fleet

Make use of a modern, flexible and fully utilized fleet now to avoid negative aspects such as long downtimes of the fleet. Many of the measures in the area of “mobility of the future” can be implemented quickly and easily:

  • high flexibility
  • lower costs in the long term
  • lower workload
  • avoidance of planning errors
  • improved image (keyword: environmental friendliness)

In this way, digitized fleet management can usually be implemented relatively easily. Modular systems have the additional advantage that further software elements – for keyless car entry, for example – can be easily integrated. This means that you initially opt for a basic software package and can then gradually add further modules.

5. Conclusion: Thinking Early About the Mobility of the Future

Innovations such as digital fleet management and keyless vehicle access are already making their way into everyday life.

flinkey supports you on your way to the mobility of the future and is your reliable partner. With the flinkey system, we have the optimal solution for a quick and uncomplicated entry into the digitalization of your vehicle fleet. The system consists of the flinkey box – the key box in the vehicle, the flinkey app for keyless access and the flinkey portal for managing your fleet and users.

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